e. bjedov-stanković


e. bjedov-stanković

zmaj i  aždaja

2021 - ongoing 

the imagery of Sveti Đorđe (Saint George) is pervasive in the Balkans. working from an unusual cross-stitch pattern of Saint George and the Dragon, work explores the idea of patron saints and identity. 

dragons occuply a complicated space in mythology - as protectors and aggressors - and this ongoing project tackles what it means to identify with the dragon or the saint: how does our identity intersect with violence? what does it mean to be protected?

“zmaj i aždaja” is a working title alluding to the existence of benevolant and evil dragons as separate entities. 

cross-stitch pattern of St.George from Belgrade, Yugoslavia, c. 1930-1937
source: University of Washington Libraries

This project was done with funding from