e. bjedov-stanković


e. bjedov-stanković

Artist Statement 

︎ they/them ︎

In both visual art and writing, I’m preoccupied with mystery and transformation - the way material and spirit are continuously cycled through the human and the more-than-human. My work flows from these personal and more-complicated ancestral pasts.

Using traditional Serbo-Croatian motifs, I explore folklore, displacement, queerness, and body-space relationships. My practice engages with the role of material culture in diasporas - connecting us to our past and to a present that runs in parallel with the homes we left behind. More broadly, my work is informed by more-than-human companions,  musicians playing together, elaborate costume changes, and death.

Materially, I’m a maximalist, focusing on scarcity and abundance in art. I use salvaged, scavenged, and re-transformable materials to explore personal and collective narratives. Working with materials in a circular way, I strive to place my work in a cycle, an inaccessible timeline on which everything moves before being recycled into the earth.



contact: digit4l.soil@gmail.com