e. bjedov-stanković


e. bjedov-stanković

a pollen shroud laid upon the earth


this work arose from two simultanous activities: raising seedlings and grieving. i’ve been thinking about the various forms of faith that both of these require – faith, as in the belief in passage and change. watering seeds is an act of faith – faith that the seed may sprout and each time you water may be the moment the seed chooses to grow but we can never know that exact moment.

so this is a burial shroud for this pile of earth. dirt is seen by some as inert, dead. but dirt is alive, microbially and spiritually. this shroud is filled between the layers of wool with seeds, flowers, pollen, leaves – it holds the potential that counters the extractive nature of material practices and making. as such, this burial shroud speaks to the aliveness of soil as well as its capacity to die through soil degradation

this is a ultimately piece about care – the care that goes into growth and that should go into death. the shroud is a warm blanket that may grow its own new start, through the ultimate recycling.