e. bjedov-stanković


e. bjedov-stanković

legs to stand

Psychopomp invites YOU! to a night among the STARS!

Performance at the VAV Gallery in Montreal as part of the Art Matters Festival

Legs to Stand is a participatory performance piece that invites viewers to take a leap of faith, to allow themselves to transform and enter another realm.

The work is an invitation from Psychopomp - one who guides souls between realms, without
judgement. It's an offer of wings to those who wish to cross the veil. Psychopomp then ferries people into a space of temporary community that shifts their bodily,aesthetic, and energetic perspective.

The wings, unfamiliar appendages, shift and sway as those who cross the threshold move around the space. These shifts are also visible to the viewers, who can see the shadows of the participants, continually transforming from one exaggerated shape to another. Both sides ask us to consider the body as unfamiliar, to question the idea of embodiment, spiritual and material transformation, through play.

The paper wings are made from a special mold and feature watermarks that only become visible when they’re close to the light. Once infused with the energy of the participants, these wings will be re-pulped and new ones made, though the pulp will never be exactly the same, carrying the memory of the previous form as well as the energy of those who wore the wings before. In this way, the material is also placed in a continuous cycle.